Alex Jones: CNN Will Drive A “Big-Ass Truck Bomb” Into Their Atlanta Office So They Can Blame Trump

“Here’s the big emergency. These are only probing attacks to set it up and to test the public, will they buy that Soros, and Hillary, and Bill, and Obama, and CNN are poor victims. This is introducing them as the targets so they can whine, and moan, and predict, if Trump doesn’t stop you’re going to get us all killed. And then, in rolls that big-ass truck bomb into CNN Center Atlanta. Boom! All the execs will be off on a special meeting that day. Most of the CNN crew would’ve never expected they’ll get hit. They’ll even take out a large group of their top people. They’re getting ready to hit themselves and hit themselves hard. MSNBC, ABC, they’re going to hit themselves.” – Alex Jones, on today’s webcast.