Woodward’s Book: Trump Lied Repeatedly In Mock Mueller Interview Conducted By White House Lawyers

The Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump’s former attorney John Dowd says he was misquoted in a bombshell book by Bob Woodward, which describes him calling Trump a “fucking liar” and cautioning the president that he could end up wearing “an orange jump suit.”

Woodward writes that Dowd performed a mock interview between Mueller and Trump, and saw the “full nightmare” of possibilities if Trump were to be interviewed, finding that Trump acted as an “aggrieved Shakespearean king” prone to lying.

Dowd and current Trump attorney Jay Sekulow went to Mueller’s office and re-enacted the mock interview, Woodward reported, with the defense attorneys arguing Trump was incapable of truthful testimony. “He just made something up. That’s his nature,” Dowd reportedly told Mueller.

TIME Magazine reports:

Sekulow, who Woodward describes as attending the March meeting with Mueller, said he never attended such a meeting. Sekulow also said Trump’s legal team did not have Trump practice answering mock questions. “We did not have a practice session in January,” Sekulow said.

Dowd warned Trump against testifying in unusually colorful language, telling him in late March, “Don’t testify. It’s either that or an orange jumpsuit,” according to the book. When Trump replied that he would be a good witness, Dowd replied, “I’m afraid I just can’t help you,” and resigned the next day, the book says.