VIRAL VIDEO: Six Siblings Of Far-Right Arizona GOP House Rep Denounce Him In Opponent’s Campaign Ad

Talking Points Memo reports:

It starts out like any other campaign ad. A rural physician named Grace blames Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) for failing to do “anything to help rural America.”

A lawyer named David claims Gosar is “absolutely not working for his district.’ Jennifer, a medical interpreter, laments Gosar’s failure to secure healthcare access for his constituents.

Then comes the big, brutal reveal: all six of the people who appear in the ad are actually Gosar’s siblings.

The Washington Post reports:

The Gosar siblings framed their endorsement of Brill as a matter of values, saying their brother, who has long drawn headlines for his far-right views, and his politics were simply too much for them to stomach.

“We gotta stand up for our good name,” said brother David Gosar in the advertisement. “This is not who we are.” “I couldn’t be quiet any longer, nor should any of us be,” said sister Grace Gosar.

Gosar recently appeared on JMG for his demand that Trump arrest Dreamers in the gallery at the state of the union address and for claiming that George Soros secretly orchestrated the Nazi rally in Charlottesville. 

(Top image via Crook & Liars)