Trump: Republicans Will Do “Much Better” In Midterms Than Anybody Thinks Because People Really Like Me

“I think we’re gonna do much better than anyone thinks because the economy is so good, and people do like the job I’m doing. I had just beaten 17 people including the Bush dynasty. I then beat the Hillary Clinton dynasty. You can give me credit for Bernie Sanders and all because I was cause I was part of it, but you know, so I beat the Bush dynasty, the Clinton dynasty, 17 people, and I never left center stage once, you can check.

“I never left center stage, meaning I had the lead in Republican primaries from Day One. I think I’ve done more than any president in history. If you look at the things we have done, with the tax cuts, and all of the things that we’ve done, including hopefully now two Supreme Court justices. You know, they like the job, and to finish it off with just a little extra.” – Glorious Leader, speaking to The Hill.