Trump Considers Building “Fort Trump” In Poland

Politico reports:

U.S. President Donald Trump is “very seriously” considering Warsaw’s request for a permanent U.S. military base in Poland, he said on Tuesday. Speaking at a joint press conference with Andrzej Duda in Washington D.C., Trump said the security of the Central European country was “almost as important” to him as to the Polish president.

“Poland is willing to make a very major contribution for the United States to come in and have a presence in Poland,” Trump said, according to a White House transcript of the press conference. “Poland would be paying billions of dollars for a base.”

Warsaw wants a U.S. Army armored division permanently stationed on its territory as a deterrent against Russian aggression, and has offered to pay up to $2 billion to make it happen. “I hope that we will build Fort Trump in Poland together, Mr. President,” Duda said on Tuesday.

Fort Trump is the top trending item on Twitter this morning.