Sarah Palin To Republicans: Stop Playing The Victim

From an interview with the British tabloid Daily Mail:

The (Mueller) investigation — which Palin called “a fishing expedition” — has been going on so long that it is bound to find something amiss, she said. ‘When we go fishing, have we ever stopped before we caught something? No…we keep fishing,” Palin told Palmer. “Unfortunately, that is what’s going on in our country.”

And she has some advice for her fellow Republicans. “They’re in power. They’ve got the House, the Senate, they have the Administration and yet they’re acting like victims and they’re always on defense. That’s not what the supporters of the platform expect.”

“We expect to be on offense in order to clean things up — drain that swamp — get government back on our side and get it off our backs and quit playing victim all the time! You’re not going to win a ballgame only playing defense.”