RNC Spox: Far-Left Radicals Are Overtaking The Dems

“This is not going to work. This is about far more than being an outsider, it’s about far more than demographic change. This is about socialism. Far-left radicalism overtaking the Democratic Party. This is stunning that someone who is in Congress for 20 years last night was defeated by someone backed by [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez. And I understand, Jessica, you always say that you want to distance yourself from socialism in your party, I gets that, it’s a losing proposition. But, the problem is, it’s a winning proposition.

“We see it every single week. A lot of Democrats, they might say they’re not socialists, but yet they borrow from the precepts of socialism. When you have one third of Senate Democrats wanting socialized medicine, two thirds of House Democrats. Seven co-sponsors for free college. This is socialism. You might not want to say the label, but your party is embracing a failed ideology that’s failed all across the globe.” – RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany, sparring this morning with Fox contributor Jessica Tarlov.