POLL: Most Trump Voters Don’t Fear Blue Wave

Bloomberg reports:

A private survey conducted for the Republican National Committee and obtained by Bloomberg Businessweek contains alarming news for Republicans hoping to hold on to control of Congress in November: Most Trump supporters don’t believe there’s a threat that Democrats will win back the House. President Trump’s boasts that a “red wave” could increase Republican majorities appear to have lulled GOP voters into complacency, raising the question of whether they’ll turn up at the polls.

The Hill reports:

Fifty-seven percent of people who identified as strong Trump supporters said Democrats don’t have a chance to win big, while 37 percent believe they do, according to the poll. The majority of respondents — 71 percent overall — said it was “extremely” or “somewhat likely” that Democrats would be victorious in November, compared to the 25 percent who did not agree.The RNC study also finds “a wide gender gap and generation gap,” finding Democrats favored by women of all ages and also by men aged 18-44.