Linda Harvey: Oral Sex Is The Practice Of Homosexuals

Anti-LGBT activist Linda Harvey has some curious ideas about the way straight people have sex. From her latest rant against sex education in public schools:

Let’s not forget the deadly contribution of “LGBTQ” advocates who demand “inclusive” sex ed — i.e., lessons that outline in detail how kids can engage in anal and oral sex, the sex practices of homosexuals.

These lessons often encourage masturbation and pornography use. The “gay” community explodes over any attempt to restrict homosexual access to youth. But the evidence is everywhere that their influence is despicable.

Responsibility in sex is unpopular among today’s “hip” educators. Bowing to social justice warriors, rabid feminists and “LGBTQ” advocates, abstinence is discarded as the equivalent of racism. Never mind that this reasoning is short on reality and long on mythology.

Harvey is the founder of Mission America, which the SPLC in 2012 added to its list of anti-LGBT hate groups.

Earlier this year Harvey declared that homosexuality is God’s punishment for abortion. Yeah.

Like many anti-LGBT activists, Harvey advocates for criminalizing homosexuality.