Ingraham: Soros Had Christine Ford Scrub Her Photos

“I also believe that the reason — the reason that George Soros is involved — groups funded by his organization are involved is because her social media was scrubbed. There are no photos of her. Who has no photos of themselves on the internet? There’s like one other photo I’ve seen. The sunglasses photo, the high school photo, then there’s one other photo I’ve seen — recent photo where it looks like she’s doing something else outdoors. So there’s the one with the sunglasses, but then there’s one other photo I’ve seen.

“Someone coached her to scrub her social media. Now, why did they do that? I would say — first question, why’d you scrub your social media? I mean, why’d you decide to do that? With whom did you consult? When did you find out this information leaked to the press? Who has been prepping you for the last month for this? I’d go on and on, you have to ask motivational questions. What is motivating her? And see what she says.” – Laura Ingraham, speaking today on her radio show.