GOP Rep: My Six Siblings Hate Me Because Obama

Arizona Central reports:

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar acknowledged Monday that “it does sting” that six of his nine siblings appeared in an ad for his political opponent and blamed the attacks on former President Barack Obama.

Speaking on “The Mike Broomhead Show” on Phoenix radio station KFYI-AM (550), the four-term Republican fired back at his brothers and sisters for taping ads for his Democratic rival David Brill that put an unwanted national glare on Gosar and a family rupture.

“It always hurts, Mike. You know, blood is supposed to be thicker than water,” Gosar told Broomhead. “But, you know, this actually details exactly what the left, what Barack Obama actually asked progressives to do, is to get into family and friends, in their face, and not let up.”

Gosar recently appeared on JMG for his demand that Trump arrest Dreamers in the gallery at the state of the union address and for claiming that George Soros secretly orchestrated the Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

(Tipped by JMG reader Arthur)