Franklin Graham: Drag Queen Story Hour Is Meant To Make Perversion Normal Via Repeated Exposure

“Men in full drag reading books to kids at the public library? No wonder people are protesting! Drag Queen Story Hours have been held at libraries or book stores the last couple of years in cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, and New York. Now it has come to the South, and some are protesting — a librarian is reported to have even resigned over the issue.

“One individual summed up their concerns on social media: ‘The program is designed to purposely target children so as to make sexual perversion acceptable through repeated exposure.’ I urge parents and library workers to let your concerns be known. Parents and grandparents can effectively protest by staying out of the library altogether on those days and letting others know to keep their children away also.

“And why not ask about starting a Christian Book Story Hour at those same libraries? The Bible tells us, ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’ (John 1:5).” – Franklin Graham, posting today to his Facebook page.