Fox News Host Lou Dobbs: Rick Scott And Ron DeSantis Should Apologize For Not Backing Trump’s Deatherism

“Rick Scott, running for senate in Florida and Ron DeSantis, running for the governorship of Florida both instantly took the side against the man who is pushing their candidacies without any reason, without any skeptical judgment, without any analysis without knowledge of the facts, and sided with those who wanted to go with the highest number, irrespective of whether they were based in reality or fact or anything close to reason. They were not.

“It’s a disgrace what they did. They should be ashamed of themselves and they should be apologizing to the American public and the people of Puerto Rico who have had to go through this now again, the number of deaths without again, evidence, without death certificates, without burials, without any factual basis for an analysis of what is Puerto Rico’s, one of its greatest tragedies in its history.” – State TV host Lou Dobbs, speaking with NRA host Dan Bongino.