Fox Hosts Accuse “Dimms” Of Attempting A Coup

Media Matters has the transcript:

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Our first guest tonight to discuss the desperate attempt by the dimms and the Department of Justice attempting to obstruct and delay the president’s order for the immediate unredacted declassification, joining me now, Jeanine Pirro. Judge, this is clearly an anti-Trump conspiracy being carried out by the left.

JEANINE PIRRO: It’s not only an anti-Trump conspiracy, Lou. What this is is an attempt at a coup. It is no less than that. It’s not just obstruction, it is an attempt at a coup. And if you know Saul Alinsky, one of the main —

DOBBS: Rules of radicals.

PIRRO: The rules of the radicals, is to create havoc, and to tell people in your party or the other party that you must dismiss what the chief executive, the commander in chief, the person we elected to be in the Oval Office is akin to treason. It is outrageous and it should be a message to everyone that their job is to obstruct everything this president does.