East Coast Warned Of “Major” Hurricane Florence

AccuWeather reports:

Florence, currently a Category 1 hurricane, is expected to regain major hurricane status (Category 3 or higher) as it continues to track westward and enters a favorable environment for intensification early this week.

Florence became the first Category 4 hurricane of the 2018 Atlantic season last week, but later weakened due to a zone of strong wind shear and cooler waters.

The Weather Channel reports:

The key to Florence’s path hinges on the strength and westward-extent of a dome of high-pressure aloft expected to develop and strengthen north of Florence over the western Atlantic Ocean Monday and Tuesday.

That high-pressure ridge is expected to be strong enough and far enough west to push Florence near the Southeast or mid-Atlantic coast mid- to late week.

Unfortunately, the previous scenario of Florence staying far enough out to sea to minimize an East Coast impact is now very unlikely.