Christian Prophetess: There’s A Body Parts Warehouse In Heaven And Angels Send Your Requisitions To Earth

“They actually do have a body parts warehouse in Heaven and several people have been there and seen it. And it does look like a warehouse, but not like what you would see here. It’s very supernatural. It’s an amazing building, but they actually have a protocol on how they operate. Like sort of like what we have here on the Earth. They actually have a huge reception. The counter that this reception is in is like… the universe is in this whole counter. As you’re looking down, you’re seeing creation and creativity all over the universe while you were waiting.

“What happens is when someone prays in faith and asks for a body part to be sent, they say, ‘I ask for a requisition to be given to the body parts warehouse that my friend needs a new heart’ or ‘they need new eyes,’ whatever that requisition is. When that prayer’s released, it’s sent to this body parts warehouse, and they will call for an angel to come from the back of the warehouse, and they will hand in this requisition, which is the request.

“They then take it into this other place. I haven’t been in the other place, but I know that getting it approved — it has to be stamped, approved for this time, or else they would stamp it for another time.” – Christian prophetess Kat Kerr, via the Friendly Atheist.

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