Book: Stormy Describes Trump’s Junk In Graphic Detail

The Guardian reports:

In a tell-all memoir, the pornographic actor Stormy Daniels details salacious descriptions of her time with Donald Trump, wonders if he is fit to be president and claims he offered to cheat for her in his reality TV show. “We’ll figure out a way to get you the challenges beforehand,” she quotes him as saying. “And we can devise your technique.” “He was going to have me cheat, and it was 100 percent his idea.”

She describes Trump’s penis as “smaller than average” but “not freakishly small.” “He knows he has an unusual penis,” Daniels writes. “It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool. I lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart. It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion.”

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