Babs Takes Aim At Trump: Don’t Lie To Me [AUDIO]

The Associated Press reports:

When Barbra Streisand started writing lyrics for her new political song, “Don’t Lie to Me,” she initially aimed for “very subtle” references to President Donald Trump. But she couldn’t help herself. “I just went ballistic,” she said.

“Don’t Lie to Me,” released Thursday, finds a passionate Streisand questioning the nation’s leader and pleading for change. Lyrics include, “How do you sleep when the world keeps turning? / All that we built has come undone / How do you sleep when the world is burning? / Everyone answers to someone.”

Streisand, a proud and outspoken Democrat who has campaigned for politicians over the years, said she felt moved to write original music because of what’s happening in the world. Of “The Rain Will Fall” – another new song she co-wrote – she says, “You can spell rain several ways.” “But it’s my prophecy,” she said, laughing. “I hope it comes true.

Vogue Magazine reports:

Streisand knew when she started making her new album – her first collection of primarily new material in several years—that its theme would be social justice. And for the record, she won’t mind if Trump takes it personally.

An outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton, Streisand attended the Women’s March in 2017 and frequently challenges the president’s policies in the media. In 2017 she wrote an essay for the Huffington Post titled “Clueless, Reckless, Graceless, Mindless, and Heartless: Our President-Elect,” in which she called him “dangerous” and “unfit for office.”

But when it came time to write “Don’t Lie to Me” (lyrics include: “Why can’t you just tell me the truth?” and “How can you win if we all lose?”), she says she “tried to make it more subtle.” She concedes that “it could be about a relationship . . . but yes, it is about Donald Trump.”

Streisand’s new album bears the unsubtle title Walls and will be released on November 2nd.