Alex Jones: I’m Totally A Secret Agent For America

“Yes, I’ll just tell you. We are a stay-behind network for America. It’s the big secret. That’s what we are. That’s why they’re after us. It’s true. The stay-behind network supports me. I am from a stay-behind network. Most of my family was in stay-behind networks. That’s why they hate me. I’m an American. I’m a stay-behind network for America.

“I’m fighting the Chinese globalist takeover. When I say I’m a stay-behind network, you are. We believe in free market, we believe in the family, we believe in the Second Amendment. You are an agent of America, of George Washington, of liberty.” – Alex Jones, days after claiming Trump reads Infowars every day.

From Wikipedia:

In a stay-behind operation, a country places secret operatives or organisations in its own territory, for use in the event that an enemy occupies that territory. If this occurs, the operatives would then form the basis of a resistance movement or act as spies from behind enemy lines. Small-scale operations may cover discrete areas, but larger stay-behind operations envisage reacting to the conquest of entire countries. Stay-behind operations of significant size existed during World War II.