Watergate’s John Dean Blasts Glorious Leader: You Don’t Have Any Idea What McGahn Has Told Mueller

When one of Watergate’s masterminds calls you out:

Former White House counsel to President Nixon, John Dean, ripped President Trump on Sunday, saying he doubts Trump has any idea what White House counsel Donald McGahn has told special counsel Robert Mueller as McGahn cooperates with Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Trump tweeted early Sunday morning calling a New York Times “FAKE” that reported that McGahn has discussed accounts of multiple episodes at the center of Mueller’s probe into whether Trump obstructed justice. He added that he allowed McGahn “and all others to testify” and that he has “nothing to hide.”

Dean, you may recall, ended up flipping and became the key witness against Nixon, earning him a reduced sentenced of one to four years, of which he only served four months in federal “safe house” previously used for witnesses against the mafia.