UGANDA: US Pastor Arrested For Assaulting Black Hotel Employee, Hurled N-Word, “You Hate Jesus!” [VIDEO]

Kenya’s Citizen TV reports:

Uganda Police have arrested Jimmy Taylor, the racist American pastor who was seen attacking a hotel employee in a video on social media. Taylor has been detained at the Central Police Station, Kampala on charges of assault.

A video of the racist American pastor emerged online showing him pursuing a hotel employee and slapping him several times on claims that he “disgraced Jesus.” The Ugandan man, who is referred to in the video as Francis, remained calm the entire time, even as Taylor kept calling him derogatory names.

A man in a blue shirt who attempted to intervene is caught in the tussle as Taylor tells him off. “NO! NO! You obey what I say. I don’t obey you. Open my fucking room now! You bitch! Look at me! Look at Christ who died for you,” the American says.

The Daily Mail reports:

The five minute clip sees Taylor, sporting a Vietnam Veteran cap, follow hotel workers saying “You hate Jesus, you hate yourself?” then hit a worker in the face, challenging him to fight saying, “come on bitch!”

“Fuck Uganda. I’ve come to love Uganda, I’ve come to help Uganda, but Uganda hates Jesus through this son of a bitch,” he said pointing at a worker. Then he calls the staff “n***er bitch” adding, “You’re not a human” as he smacks him in the back of the head, ranting about God and demanding his room be opened for him.

(Tipped by JMG reader Edward)