Trump Repeats Jeanine Pirro’s Attack On Mueller: Bob, It’s Time To Give Up Your Phony Investigation [VIDEO]

“Why did it take us four months to find out why you fired Peter Strzok? Why would you ask for millions of dollars from a Russian oligarch, banned from the United States, to fund an FBI operation? Should you even have asked the oligarch for tens of millions of dollars and for his services? Because that is a crime, isn’t it, Bob? I’m sure you know the anti-deficiency act prohibits you as a government agency from accepting voluntary services. 

“And if it came out that you took money, Bob, from a Russian oligarch whose name you intentionally left out of Manafort‘s indictment, that would be an embarrassment, wouldn’t it?  “Isn’t that why you never put his name in the Manafort indictment?

“Isn’t your whole investigation premised on the fake dossier paid for by Hillary, created by a man that hates Donald Trump and used to con a FISA court judge? Bob, I really think it is time for you to give up your phony investigation and get yourself your own criminal defense attorney.” – Jeanine Pirro, screeching as always on last night’s Fox News show.