Trump Echoes White Supremacists On South Africa

CBS News reports:

South Africa accused United States President Donald Trump of sowing division Thursday after he tweeted that the U.S. State Department would probe “land and farm seizures… and the large scale killing of farmers.”

Trump’s tweet apparently followed a segment on Fox News which claimed that Pretoria had started “seizing land from his own citizens without compensation because they are the wrong skin color.” South Africa’s foreign ministry said the tweet was “based on false information.”

The BBC reports:

The redistribution of land was a fundamental principle of the governing African National Congress (ANC) during its struggle against white-minority rule. But 24 years after apartheid ended, white people – who make up just 9% of the population – own 72% of the farmland held by individuals, according to government figures.

A BBC Reality Check investigation in November found there was no reliable data to suggest farmers were at greater risk of being murdered than the average South African. The constitution has not yet been changed and since 1994 the ANC has been following a willing-buyer willing-seller module to redistribute land.

Around 10% of land in white ownership has been transferred to black owners in this way. Mr Ramaphosa told parliament on Wednesday that South Africa needed to speed up the pace of land reform to correct a historical injustice. However, the South Africa president said it would be done in an ordered manner and there would be no land grabbing.