Trump Calls Into Rush Limbaugh Show: Shutting Down The Government Would Be A “Great Campaign Issue”

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump surprised talk radio host Rush Limbaugh by calling him on the air to congratulate him on the 30th anniversary of his show. “You’re a very special man, Rush, and you have people that love you. I’m one of them,” Trump said. “What you do for this country, people have no idea how important your voice is.”

Trump spoke about the energy he felt from supporters at his political rallies like the one he had in Florida on Tuesday night. “It’s like you, nobody turns off your show, nobody leaves,” he said. “It was an absolute love-fest.”

More from The Hill:

In an interview with conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, the president called the issue of shutting down the government over obtaining funding for his border security program a “great campaign issue.”

“I actually think it would be a positive,” Trump said Wednesday. “It’s like pulling teeth, getting these guys [lawmakers] to get it done. And you have no idea how tough I’ve been. And I say hey, if you have a shutdown, you have a shutdown.”

“Now, the shutdown can also take place after the [midterm elections],” Trump continued, “[But] I happen to think that it would be a great political thing. People want border security, it’s not just the wall, Rush, as you know. You could do it before the election or after the election. I think it’s a great campaign issue. I think it would be great before [the elections].”