Trump Boasts About “Most Biting” Sanctions On Iran

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter Tuesday that he is seeking “world peace” by imposing “the most biting sanctions ever” against Iran, the latest example of escalating tensions between the two nations.

The sanctions were previously softened by the Obama administration as part of a landmark 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran. Trump scrapped that deal in May, putting sanctions back into effect as of early Tuesday morning. Additional sanctions on Iran will go into effect in early November.

The BBC reports:

The foreign ministers of Germany, the UK and France released a statement on Monday that said the nuclear deal remained “crucial” to global security. They also unveiled a “blocking statute” which is intended to protect European firms doing business with Iran despite the new US sanctions.

Alistair Burt, the UK’s minister of state for the Middle East, told the BBC: “If a company fears legal action taken against it and enforcement action taken against it by an entity in response to American sanctions, then that company can be protected as far as EU legislation is concerned.” He said Iran would simply “batten down the hatches” until the next US election.