South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster: Democrats Are Like Dogs, Nice One On One, But Dangerous In A Pack

South Carolina’s The State reports:

GOP Gov. Henry McMaster Monday night referred to Democrats as “dogs” and urged his fellow Republicans not to become complacent with one of their own, President Donald Trump, in the White House. McMaster, addressing a crowd of about 1,250 gathered for U.S. Rep, Jeff Duncan’s, R-Laurens, eighth annual Faith and Freedom BBQ, told GOP voters not to be fooled by the seemingly “reasonable” Democrats.

“Now, they’ll come up and talk to you, and they seem so nice. They seem reasonable. But, then you remember they’re in the same league as Nancy Pelosi.” McMaster then listed off polarizing national Democratic figures, including Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.

“Our Democratic friends are a lot like dogs. One on one, they’re really nice, but in a pack they’re dangerous,” McMaster, an avid bulldog owner, said to applause. “So I tell you, we can’t let up. We got to go hard. And in South Carolina we are making progress, and it’s because we have a president, Donald Trump, who is one of the greatest we have ever had or ever will have.”