So There’s A Bunch Of Songs About #QAnon [VIDEO]

Wonkette reports:

If there is anything a good political movement needs, it is a soundtrack. From Woody Guthrie to Stevie Wonder to Bikini Kill … hell, even the Nazis had Wagner. It’s only natural that the idiots who believe in all that QAnon shit would try to create some rockin’ anthems that can be played in the background of future movies about their valiant quest to interpret a bunch of messages dumped by some LARPer on 4chan, like how they play Creedence Clearwater Revival in the background of every movie about Vietnam. Alas, none have had their big break yet. Either because the music industry is a part of the whole conspiracy, or because they lack musical talent. One of the two.

Hit the link for ten apparently serious songs about QAnon. The rap song below isn’t on their list but is making the rounds this afternoon on Twitter. It’s….something.