Shadda Badda Barumpa Bahumday: Televangelist Prays Against Evil Jezebel Witches Attacking Trump [VIDEO]

“Lord, we’re not going back! We’re not going back under Jezebel. We’re coming out! We’re coming out! We’re coming out! We’re done with Jezebel! Lord, the soul of this country’s at stake. The very soul of this country’s at stake, Lord. There’s a battle for the soul of America. Lord, I ask in Jesus’ name. Expose those shadow spirits. Expose who the shadow government is. Snatch the curtain up, Lord.

“Then America will really be free. Then the church will not be contained anymore. Lord, snatch the curtain up in the name of Jesus Christ! God, help this man. I ask, Lord, help him! Father, topple Jezebel! Topple the powers that be! It’s time! Containment is over! Let’s go! Let’s move! Let’s go! Let’s go! It’s now! It’s time! Let’s go! C’mon!” – Comically bewigged Pastor John Kilpatrick, who launches into hilarious tongues at the 6:30 mark below.