School Official Resigns After N-Word Tirade Surfaces

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Buford City Schools Superintendent Geye Hamby has resigned days after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution broke the news he had been named in a racial discrimination lawsuit and accused of using offensive slurs. Hamby tendered his resignation in a short letter to the school board.

Hamby had been placed on administrative leave earlier this week, after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the allegations. The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, includes recordings in which a person identified as Hamby used racial epithets repeatedly when referring to African-American workers at a construction site.

“(Expletive) that (n-word). I’ll kill these (expletive) — shoot that (expletive) if they let me,” the person identified as Hamby can be heard saying. The person speaking repeatedly refers to blacks as “deadbeat (n-word).”

Hamby oversaw four public schools at a salary of $304,000. The lawsuit was filed by a former staffer who claims she was fired after advocating that the school district’s emblem include the color gold, which represented the district’s black school before desegregation.