REPORT: Trump Likes To Watch Videos Of His Rallies To “Luxuriate In The Moments Of His Evident Brilliance”

Axios reports:

Like an NFL coach reviewing game film, Trump likes to watch replays of his debate and rally performances. But instead of looking for weaknesses in technique or for places to improve, Trump luxuriates in the moments he believes are evidence of his brilliance.

Trump commentates as he watches, according to sources who’ve sat with him and viewed replays on his TiVo, which is pre-loaded with his favorites on the large TV in the private dining room adjoining the Oval Office.

When watching replays, Trump will interject commentary, reveling in his most controversial lines. “Wait for it. See what I did there?” he’ll say.

According to the linked report, in the days after he took office Trump regularly replayed his St. Louis debate with Hillary, gleefully cueing up the moment where he literally threatened her with jail.