PETITION: Declare America To Be A Christian Nation

Via press release published by Christian Newswire:

Across the country and around the world more than 1,500 leaders, organizations and individuals have declared America a Christian nation through It is expected that this mass movement will expand rapidly over the next few months, continuing on into the New Year.

The team at Ideclared is working endlessly until 70 million declarations have been reached. is a ministry of Kingdom Footsteps United Ministries (KFUM) which works vigorously with leaders, pastors, churches and organizations around the country to establish Christianity back in America as it was originally founded.

A Christian nation is not a nation of only Christians but a nation of freedom to practice your own faith without limits or persecution according to the law. Every individual in America has a voice. of KFUM wants to hear it.

All you have to do is log onto right now and register to declare America a Christian nation. It’s that simple. Then you can spread the word to others and ask them to join you in declaring America a Christian nation. Your prayers and petitions are greatly appreciated.

1448 signatures so far. They’ve got a very long way to 70 million. They don’t say why that number is particularly significant.