Pastor Bad Wig: Yesterday’s Nazis Were “Paid Actors” Because There Are No Right Wing White Supremacists

“These are paid actors. The gift that the left wants is white supremacists and to link it with conservatives because there are no conservative white supremacists. That’s all a fiction. If you really want to take down Donald Trump, to destroy what God’s doing in America, keep dividing people with hate, divide them with race, try to get Trump painted as a racist when he’s not.

“This is what they do. They literally have guys from their own group that organize theoretically white, alt-right opposition Why? So that Antifa, which is a liberally-funded Brownshirt Nazi-type organization, can run around under the guise of anti-Nazism and beat up on people and create a national event.” – Pastor Lance Wallnau, on yesterday’s Nazi rally in Washington DC.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Wallnau declares that God killed Antonin Scalia to “wake up America” on how much they needed Trump. Wallnau “takes authority” over Hurricane Maria in the name of Jesus, orders it not to hit Puerto Rico. Wallnau claims Hurricane Irma bypassed Mar-A-Lago because Trump is under God’s protection. Wallnau releases the “Jezebel spirit” on Robert Mueller. Wallnau prays to protect Trump from witches, jinxes, and demons that jump into dogs. Wallnau prays for God to “unleash his holy sword” and smite Trump’s enemies. Wallnau claims angels literally dusted his face with gold flakes as a reward for loving Trump. Wallnau prays away obstruction of justice charges against Trump in the name of Jesus. Wallnau claims a gay bar owner was “cured of homosexuality” after eating a slice of anointed cake.