NRA Court Filing Claims Insurance Woes Have Caused Huge Financial Harm, Soon May Be “Unable To Exist”

Rolling Stone reports:

The National Rifle Association warns that it is in grave financial jeopardy, according to a recent court filing obtained by Rolling Stone, and that it could soon “be unable to exist or pursue its advocacy mission.” The reason, according to the NRA filing, is not its deep entanglement with alleged Russian agents like Maria Butina.

Instead, the gun group has been suing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state’s financial regulators since May, claiming the NRA has been subject to a state-led “blacklisting campaign” that has inflicted “tens of millions of dollars in damages.”

In the new document — an amended complaint filed in U.S. District Court in late July — the NRA says it cannot access financial services essential to its operations and is facing “irrecoverable loss and irreparable harm.” Specifically, the NRA warns that it has lost insurance coverage — endangering day-to-day operations.

According to the court filing, without this insurance the NRA can’t continue its existence or even maintain its “physical premises.” You’ll enjoy their full sob story, no matter how true it may be.