NORTH DAKOTA: Bismarck Police Seek Extra Funding To Buy AR-15 Rifles For Public School Resource Officers

The Bismarck Tribune reports:

The Bismarck Police Department is requesting additional funding to purchase AR-15 rifles and other equipment for school resource officers.

Bismarck Public Schools and the Bismarck Police Department have agreed to provide $25,740 to purchase AR-15s, gun safes, additional bulletproof vests and medical kits to treat shooting victims. The rifles would be kept in a locked safe in Bismarck middle schools and high schools.

The school district and police department would split the cost 50/50, but, according to school officials, the district’s portion would not be used to purchase the rifles. The Bismarck officers currently carry handguns, which won’t help if they need to shoot from a distance, said Lt. Jason Stugelmeyer, who oversees the department’s Police Youth Bureau.

Resource officers are otherwise regular cops assigned to public schools on a long term basis.