MISSISSIPPI: Senate Candidate Posts Crazy Lies About Robert E. Lee, Polls Followers To Ask If Lee Was A Hero

Mediaite reports:

GOP Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel has had a rough 48 hours of attempted Civil War revisionism. The state senator, running to represent Mississippi in Congress, first took to social media to wheel out some wild claims about Confederate general Robert E. Lee. He was promptly fact checked, by everyone from CNN anchor Jake Tapper to historian Kevin Kruse.

McDaniel wasn’t satisfied. In an apparent effort to combat “political correctness and leftist hysteria,” he took to Twitter with a poll question for his followers, asking whether Lee should be remembered as a hero, or a villain. The poll did not go well for him. Despite the leading question, as of writing 92% have declared Lee a “villain”, with more than 32,000 votes counted.

RELATED: You may recall that in 2014 one of McDaniel’s campaign aides, who was a leader of the local Tea Party, killed himself after being busted sneaking into a nursing home to take humiliating photos of the Thad Cocharn’s wife, who had long been institutionalized with Alzheimer’s. The apparent plan was for McDaniel to use the photos in an attack ad against Cochran, who was involved in an affair with his secretary. Cochran’s children reportedly didn’t mind the affair, as they understood that their father would never divorce his ailing wife.