MANHATTAN: Homocon Runs For New York Senate

Homocon Pete Holmberg is running for the New York Senate against eight-term Democratic Sen. Liz Krueger, who has represented my Upper East Side district in Manhattan since winning a special election in 2002.

From the below campaign video:

My name is Pete Holmberg, and The New York Republican County Committee produced this video for me to share my experience as a gay man coming out as a Republican, and then running for New York State Senate in the district that President Trump and his family call home. As a New Yorker, a patriot, and a businessman, I’m horrified by the way Manhattan is treated by our government.

From egregious taxes, to disrespectful restrictions on law enforcement, there are so many poor decisions threatening the future of Senatorial District 28, the place I’ve called home for more than 26 years. When Manhattan GOP Chairwoman Andrea Catsimatidis recruited me to run in March of this year, I thought long and hard about it. The conclusion I finally arrived at was this: After everything I’ve experienced and seen in life, maybe, just maybe, I could bring some new solutions to the table, and bring some unexpected people together. So I threw my hat in the ring.

As for the publicly coming out as a gay Republican thing, I would love to say I had the guts to do it first, but I’m hardly the first gay man out of the conservative gate in the Trump Era. Chadwick Moore paved the way for me (in the pages of The New York Post no less!) and I’m eternally grateful to him for introducing me to others like myself.

Just like in the eighties, I learned I wasn’t alone! Earlier this year, my friend Michael called me and said, “you need to talk to this guy Brandon, he’s lost all his friends!” Normally that kind intro would be a red flag, but in NYC gay conservative circles, it’s kind of become a badge of honor. Brandon Straka has become one of my closest friends and his creation of The #WalkAway Campaign has had a direct impact across the country that I feel everyday on the streets of NYC as I meet people who are questioning old ideas and the fears that they accepted as facts.

As you’ll see, Holmberg’s clip includes the melting Nazi face from Raiders Of The Lost Ark because reasons, obviously. Holmberg apparently announced his bid months ago but I’d never heard of him until today, which kind of says it all.

(Tipped by JMG reader Kent)