Laura Ingraham Plays Peter Gabriel’s Shock The Monkey As She Welcomes Ron DeSantis To Her Radio Show

“Well, this is not at all surprising. We’re going to be talking to Ron DeSantis, Republican candidate for governor of Florida in just a few moments here on The Laura Ingraham Show. But this is the way the Democrats are going to play this all the way to 2020.

“It is identity politics 24/7, no issue discussion really except we want free stuff, and then the other person has to be just racist. If it’s an African American candidate and a Republican is running against that candidate, more often than not, the left will try to figure out a way to call that Republican opponent racist.

“And until the public just says no to this, they say, ‘No, we’re not going to accept this type of bullying from the left, to intimidate people from speaking out,’ then this is going to keep happening.” – Laura Ingraham, speaking on today’s SiriusXM radio show as she cued up Peter Gabriel’s Shock The Monkey.