Jimmy Carter: Trump’s A Disaster, Ignorant About Truth

The Washington Post has published a lengthy look at the modest life Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter continue to have in the same rural Georgia house they lived in before the 1976 election. The piece is largely a folksy comparison of the lives led by the Carters and other former presidents. But buried near the end, we get this:

Carter has been notably quiet about President Trump. But on this night, two years into Trump’s term, he’s not holding back. “I think he’s a disaster,” Carter says. “In human rights and taking care of people and treating people equal.”

“The worst is that he is not telling the truth, and that just hurts everything,” Rosalynn says. Carter says his father taught him that truthfulness matters. He said that was reinforced at the U.S. Naval Academy, where he said students are expelled for telling even the smallest lie.

“I think there’s been an attitude of ignorance toward the truth by President Trump,” he says. Carter says he thinks the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has “changed our political system from a democracy to an oligarchy. Money is now preeminent. I mean, it’s just gone to hell now.”

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