GOP Senate Candidate To Tour With Pizzagate Nut

Newsweek reports:

Arizona Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward says she is hoping to capitalize on the audience of far-right conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, who is best known for spreading the “Pizzagate” fake news panic and the firing of Hollywood director James Gunn.

Ward, a Republican candidate hoping to replace retiring Sen. Jeff Flake in November, made the admission to MSNBC on Sunday while describing an upcoming bus tour that is being branded as the “Road to Victory” against “radical Democrat” Kyrsten Sinema.

Cernovich is set to appear alongside Rep. Paul Gosar and a handful of self-described “social media influencers.”

Mediaite reports:

In addition to Cernovich, Paul Gosar, who recently went to London on the dime of an anti-Muslim think tank, is also supposed to be on the bus. There are even reports Tomi Lahren will join the bus too.

Yet, speaking to Hunt on Sunday, Ward seemed to be unwilling or unable to answer Hunt’s question about whether the Republican Party should “embrace” the so-called alt-right.

Ward first responded by repeating Trump’s MAGA slogan, but Hunt quickly said that was not what she asked. “I’m not a part of the alt-right, I don’t really know what you are asking, give me something specific,” Ward replied.

According to Ward, Cernovich “has an audience that we want to reach.” Cernovich has a long history of bizarre tweets about rape.