GOP Florida House Candidate Nailed For Fake Diploma

Florida News Online reports:

After FLA News exclusively reported Tuesday that Republican State House candidate Melissa Howard didn’t have the college degree from Miami University in Ohio that she claimed to have earned, Mrs. Howard flew to Ohio Friday to prove our report wrong. She posted a picture of a partial college transcript on her Facebook page and then later that day posted a picture of her sitting with her mother and holding a copy of a diploma. FLA News took her word and, despite evidence to the contrary, rescinded our story.

There is, however, one problem – the degree is a fake, Miami University General Counsel Robin Parker has confirmed to FLA News. Not only were Howard’s friends and supporters looking at the picture she posted on Facebook, so were officials at Miami University. Sometime during the afternoon Friday, Howard removed the diploma pictures from Facebook as her story of earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing began to unravel.

Miami University doesn’t offer a bachelor’s in marketing.