Giuliani On Trump Testifying Under Oath: “You Think We’re Fools? We’re Not Going To Do That” [VIDEO]

The Week reports:

If you took a shot every time Rudy Giuliani said the word “illegitimate” during his appearance on Fox News Wednesday night, your liver has my sympathies.

During a conversation with Sean Hannity, President Trump’s personal lawyer called Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and potential obstruction of justice by Trump “illegitimate,” “totally illegitimate,” and “completely illegitimate.”

Mueller wants Trump to testify under oath so he’ll perjure himself, Giuliani said. “You think we’re fools?” he asked. “We’re not going to let you do that.” Mueller doesn’t need to “ask a single question on obstruction,” Giuliani added. “He has all the answers.”