Fox Flogs “Fashion Forward” Bulletproof Backpacks

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo this morning interviewed a representative from Colombia’s MC Armor, the maker of a line of bulletproof backpacks.

Media Matters has the transcript:

CAROLINA BALLESTEROS CASAS (MC ARMOR): We have different categories of lines of product. We have the gold collection, black collection, is fashion with ballistics, and we have the backpacks for kids.

MARIA BARTIROMO: Why did you decide to bring these to the U.S.?

BALLESTEROS CASAS:  In the U.S., sadly, there’s the guns, everybody can have a gun. So, here, kids need to be protected, and we have the fact that there is some school issues, so we need to bring this to the United States.

BARTIROMO: Oh my goodness. It’s incredible that this has come to this though, that we need bulletproof clothing. Some of these things are quite fashion forward. Tell us about, for example something like this, which I feel it in here.

BARTIROMO: It’s heavier, but this looks like a very fashionable jacket.

BALLESTEROS CASAS: That’s the idea. This is the black collection. We wear it with Miguel Caballero’s brand, we wear it — 13 presidents in Latin America, we have prime ministers wearing this. So it’s very lightweight. You can see it’s wearable. It’s fashionable, but wearable, but protection.