Fox Anchor Shep Smith Calls Out Trump For Lying

“Remember, the president first said he did not know about the hush money payments in advance. His then-aide, Hope Hicks, said we know nothing of the payments. Both of his spokespersons Raj Shah and Sarah Sanders said that the president denied knowledge of the payments. Michael Cohen said the president knew nothing of the payments.

“Cohen’s attorney, David Schwartz, said the President was not aware of any of it. Four months ago, President Trump himself denied knowing about a payment. Asked directly on Air Force One, ‘Did you know?’ Trump replied, ‘No.’ Now we know the president was not telling the truth.

“The issue here is: did the president in an effort to sway the results of the 2016 election commit a federal crime when he gave hush money or directed the hush money be given to women that were accusing him of things and might hurt him in the eyes of the public before they went to vote? What did the president know and when did he know it? This is not about sex. This is about trying to influence the vote. That could be serious.” – Fox News anchor Shep Smith, speaking this afternoon.