Former Vatican Official Fired Over Kim Davis Meeting Claims Popes Long Knew About Cardinal’s Misconduct

The Washington Post reports:

A former Vatican ambassador to the United States has alleged in an 11-page letter that Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis — among other top Catholic Church officials — had been aware of sexual misconduct allegations against a top American cardinal years before that prelate resigned this summer.

The letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano [photo], who was recalled from his D.C. post in 2016 amid allegations that he’d become embroiled in the conservative American fight against same-sex marriage, was first reported by the National Catholic Register and LifeSite News, two conservative Catholic sites. The letter offered no proof and Vigano on Sunday told the Post he wouldn’t comment further.

“Silence and prayer are the only things that are befitting,” he said. Asked about what had been published under his name in the Catholic outlets, Vigano said, “I confirm that it is my text and that I wrote it.”

The National Catholic Reporter reports:

Beyond his factual claims, Vigano’s letter is laced as well with ideological claims about other Catholic prelates. He says one, for example, has a “pro-gay ideology” and that another “favored promoting homosexuals into positions of responsibility.” Theodore McCarrick, who led the Washington archdiocese from 2000-06, became the first U.S. prelate to renounce his position in the College of Cardinals July 28.

Vigano’s tenure in Washington ended in controversy when his name surfaced in questions over how Francis came to meet a Kentucky county clerk who defied a U.S. federal court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples during his 2015 visit to the U.S. Francis accepted Vigano’s resignation from his diplomatic post in April 2016, about three months after the prelate reached the traditional retirement age of 75.

Back in 2015, you may recall, the Liberty Counsel claimed that Pope Francis had personally requested a meeting with Kim Davis, something the Vatican vehemently denied, demanding the resignation of Vigano for the “grave misstep” of politicizing the Pope’s visit to the United States by “springing” Davis on the Pope.