Duncan Hunter Blames Wife For Stolen Money, Claims His Text Messages Were Edited, Won’t Resign [VIDEO]

Newsweek reports:

Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter pleaded not guilty to charges of illegally using campaign funds for personal expenses on Thursday and blamed his wife Margaret Hunter, saying she handled his finances. “She was also the campaign manager, so whatever she did that’ll be looked at too, I’m sure,” Hunter told Fox News on Thursday. “But I didn’t do it. I didn’t spend any money illegally.”

“My campaign did make mistakes. There was money spent on things not by me but by the campaign, and I paid that back before my last election,” he added, explaining that Margaret had been handling his finances since he gave her power of attorney when he went to Iraq in 2003.

“I’m not going to resign with a bunch of leftist government folks throwing allegations at me,” he said. “There’s a trial. This means nothing. The indictment is all they have. They only have what you have now seen. That’s it. I’ve done nothing wrong.”