DC Eateries Prep To Turn Away Nazi Rally Attendees

The Washingtonian reports:

In advance of the rally, the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) sent out a toolkit for business owners with legal information about their rights to refuse service to white nationalists and other political fringe groups. A similar document was disseminated in January around Trump’s inauguration — fresh off the heels of Pizzagate, when a gunman fired shots inside Comet Ping Pong while investigating the wild conspiracy theory.

Still, Founding Famers restaurateur Dan Simons says Unite the Right is a different scenario altogether for his restaurants, one of which is located a few blocks from the rally. “For me this isn’t political. It’s not partisan. I have no comment on the Trump administration,” says Simons. “But it’s a really big topic. My team, people are nervous. They’re offended. They’re scared to take public transportation.”

It appears some places near the rally will close entirely.