Crazy Eyes: Christian Radio Is The #MeToo Antidote To The Fake News Gatekeepers Trying To Steal America

“There is an effort right now to essentially steal the United States. Now, that sounds crazy to say something like that, but there is an effort by people that have anti-American belief systems, they want to steal our nation and the cultural gatekeepers in America – the public schools, the universities, the media, all of them—they’re accomplices in this effort. I think a show like yours is effectively the antidote.

“It’s the ‘Me Too’ movement of those of us who know that we’re being lied to by the fake news guys who are colluding with the big government control guys. I’m serious. We are being victimized by the big government types, by these typical anarchist thug types, and also by their accomplices in the media.”- Former US House Rep. Michele Bachmann, speaking on Christian radio.