Conway: Journalists Are Not The Enemy Of The People

Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway pretended to disagree with Glorious Leader on Face The Nation this morning, but only a little bit.

“What wars have journalists started?” host Margaret Brennan asked Conway. Conway said that Trump’s tweet should not be used to paint with a broad brush, but criticized the media for not focusing enough on the positives at the president’s recent rallies, where supporters regularly jeer the press at Trump’s urging.

Conway argued Trump wants the press to provide the public with “news they can use.” “I don’t believe journalists are the enemy of the people,” she said. “I think some journalists are the enemy of the news you can use.”

Trump frequently whips his supporters into a frenzy at campaign rallies, urging them to jeer reporters in attendance. He has recently taken to describing the press as the “enemy of the people.” Conway said Sunday, however, that she believes “the temperature needs to be dialed down overall.”