COLORADO: Anti-LGBT Baker Sues State Officials After Being Told He Should Have Served Trans Customer

The Denver Post reports:

The owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop has sued Gov. John Hickenlooper and state civil rights officials, claiming Colorado has renewed its religious persecution by investigating him — in defiance of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision — for refusing to create a cake commemorating gender transition. Jack Phillips of Lakewood brought the lawsuit late Tuesday night in Denver U.S. District Court against Hickenlooper and members of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

On June 4, the same day as the Supreme Court decision, Arvada resident Autumn Scardina, filed a complaint with the CCRC claiming that Masterpiece Cakeshop denied her request for a custom birthday cake – blue on the outside and pink on the inside. The cake as “a reflection of the fact that (she) transitioned from male-to-female and that (she) had come out as a transgender on (her) birthday.

Phillips declined the request because the custom cake would have expressed messages about sex and gender identity that conflict with his religious beliefs, according to a news release by Alliance Defending Freedom. In a June 28 decision letter, CCRC Director Aubrey Elenis wrote that there was probable cause to believe Masterpiece Cakeshop violated a Colorado civil rights statute by denying Scardina “equal enjoyment of a place of public accommodation.”