Christian Social Media Attempt Raises $58K In 90 Days

Three months ago when I first mentioned Pastor Steven Andrew’s attempt to launch a “censorship-free” Christian version of Facebook, his crowdfunding page showed just over $100,000 with “26 days to go” in the campaign. As of this writing Andrew has raised $158,513. Curiously, the campaign still has “26 days to go.”

Andrew’s money begs continue to appear nearly daily on the paid press release site Christian Newswire.

This is today’s:

A popular pastor who reached 5 to 8 million people per month on Facebook is experiencing one of the biggest cases of censorship. Pastor Steven Andrew said, “Facebook has eliminated 98% of people from God’s love by blocking my Christian posts. Facebook censors Christianity!” Andrew spent thousands of dollars with Facebook to build nearly a half a million people following. He said, “I am targeted, because I am a Christian.”

“This is much larger than having one post blocked or being temporarily suspended, while that is bad. Facebook blocked over 5 million people from me this month. My posts are shown to hundreds of people instead of the 30,000 to 60,000 people before the censorship started. They have restricted every message by a shadowban since they said they were going after fake news in 2016. However, Christianity is not fake news!” he said.

According to Andrew, Facebook is costing him “millions of dollars in donations” and they have refused to ban the “70-plus fake accounts” impersonating him and “scamming” his followers.

Years ago, longtime readers might recall, Pastor Andrew was a regular feature on JMG for his rants against LGBT rights, such as the one seen below. (And uh, yeaaah, check his voice.)